A Warning to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
by Jen Shroder as seen at FreeRepublic 
"Work on the book, work on the book." That thought pestered me for my whole Christmas vacation. "Across the Centuries," a nationwide 7th grade social studies book which maligns Christianity and embraces Islam, had recently gotten my attention. Not that I had time for it. I was to have a whole week off from child-care over Christmas vacation, a much needed time of silence and freedom. HA!
"Work on the book, work on the book."
"But GOD! (whiney voice) What about that Christmas party?" The reply was consistent,
"Work on the book."
I'm a slow reader. The textbook was HUGE. I had expected to find a plethora of religions trying to subtly draw my children in equally. It shocked me how much Islam was promoted.
As I flipped around, obvious affronts leapt off the page everywhere. I noted them and dug in with careful scrutiny, thinking I would find even more. But just about everything I was to find, I found at first glance. Even two small sentences buried in other sections of the book. I know who was directing my hand. Only God could show me so much in such a short time.
"Work on the book, work on the book."
Oh I was so sick of that book! It angered me as I found bigotry upon bias. I wanted to sue everybody. I wanted to load up on ammunition and start blasting, and God was giving me plenty of ammo. But before I was finished, God dealt with my attitude. He reminded me that these people, the teachers, the school board, the book authors, the State, Jesus DIED for these very people! He said, "LOVE them!" Oh that was hard. He made me realize that some of these school board members were why He had left the 99 in search of the one. "But, Go-o-O-O-o-o-d!" Ever try to, "but, GOD!" to God? It doesn't work.
Emotional roller-coasters. I hate 'em. When God stretches me to go beyond myself and see through His eyes, ouch! And my flesh (ego) just wants to belt away in defense of my kids with everything I've got. God says gently and expectantly, "I died for them." Oh sweet Jesus. Power under control.
So within days, as Christlike as I could, I pursued media attention and finally found Pacific Justice Institute. I was beginning to make noise. Within a day or two, Tim Timmons (total stranger) invited me to a luncheon four hours away, focusing on combating terrorism. Tim said it would have media attention, but I had no idea what he meant, how to dress or how big it was to be. I had no clue why I should go, but I knew I had to go.
When I arrived, I was stunned. 170 polished professionals from a world I did not know. Politicians, various religious representatives, school representatives, the media. It had been years since I'd seen a valet! Thank God my van wasn't overflowing in toys and graham cracker crumbs like it usually is.
Inside, I felt out of place. Without a clue of how to relate to these people, I thought to myself, "I'll just go hide in the corner and read my Bible." Then that familiar voice of late said, "Jen, get up and go talk to these people." "Yes Sir" was my obedient reply.
I walked into a large room full of people already deeply involved in conversations. So I boldly walked up to a man, (where did that come from?) introduced myself and started to talk, only to be interrupted by people who seemed to be obsessing about his well being. I thought, "Who is this guy?" I later found out it was none other than Mark Ellis of ASSIST news. Now how did I happen to find a major news contact out of a room of 170+ people within about two minutes? (dramatic glance up). I only had enough time before we went to our assigned tables to hand Ellis my 10 pages of "Objections to 'Across the Centuries.' "
It was at this luncheon when the news that a lawsuit had been filed against Byron County School District because children were told to "wear robes, take Islamic names, recite the Quran, play Jihad and pray to Allah." Suddenly news media everywhere wanted to know what our kids were learning. I timidly waved my freshly finished 10 pages of objections and VROOOOOM, it was emailed, posted and read live on radio all over the nation. I did not know the quotes had to be short clips to avoid copyright infringement, but God knew, and Mark Ellis submitted the first story about it, which began the media frenzy.
Eric Hogue of KTKZ radio in Sacramento got a hold of my objections and read them live, his initial outraged reactions expressed all over the capitol of California for all the politicians to hear.
There was no way I could have stirred up all this, it was all God's timing. That was why I felt the urgency to finish my review. All the prayers and tears that were previously shed by so many moms over the last 11 years as their sons and daughters had to read this hideous textbook, God heard them, yes, He heard them. He did not forget us.
Meanwhile, for weeks I had so many phone interviews that I wore out two telephone batteries and my message machine. Friends were calling as well telling me they heard the "Objections" quoted all over the nation, including the 700 Club and other outlets. William La Jeunesse of Fox News interviewed us, which Fox News repeated over and over at various times for weeks.
Then Lee Rodgers of ABC News wanted to cover the story and I was told I had to "keep God out of it." I told them that God was all there was of me, and wouldn't agree. ABC declined, a lot of coverage was lost, but God had other ways of getting the job done, as long as I remained in Him. One way was through the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations nuclear watchdog, which had linked to my website. There was a lot of evidence that kings and leaders, especially in the middle east, were watching BlessedCause. http://www.blessedcause.org/proof/God%20grants%20evidence.htm
A few days later a reporter really pinned me down about what I would want in a social studies textbook. IF I could have it my way, what would that be? What a poignant question. If I stayed faithful to what God said, "Take heed that you inquire not of other nations and how they serve their gods," and replied that I would want NO religion in textbooks, then the Bible would be gagged as well. I know that if the Bible is matched up to other beliefs, it stands up every time, so would I prefer that all religions be introduced so that the Bible could be allowed as well? Many who claim to be Christian were making that argument. That sounded good but that wasn't what God said. So I asked for counsel again. And again many gave me "politically correct" coaching. It made sense, but it made me grit my teeth. So I prayed.
God was swift in His answer and I have relayed it many times. "God is not confined to what is politically correct." To the question of what should be in textbooks, I will always hold to what God said. If we turn our backs on God, He will turn His back on us. He has already told us in so many ways and in the Bible what we should and should not do. We shall have no other gods before Him. In all of history, God has never once negotiated that commandment. Not once did He tell the Israelites to teach their children about other gods so that other cultures could learn our ways. Not once. And not now. This deceptive ploy has been used to disparage Christianity and promote every other belief, including Satanism.
My own son came home mimicking this reasoning one day. "Mom, its not right that we have Jesus in school because it offends other cultures." I said, "Honey, if we moved to Africa and they worshipped their African god, would we be offended?" No. Kind of a stupid question isn't it. So why are other cultures so offended when they come to what was once a mighty Christian nation and see the word Jesus Christ? Why are we forced to relinquish our own culture?
God is no longer allowed in court, the Ten Commandments are being ripped right off the walls. In public schools, the name of Jesus is virtually outlawed, but Islam and every other pagan god is MANDATED. Our nation acts as though the name of Jesus is a four letter word.
After a long battle, ‘Across the Centuries’ has been changed, but "simulated" Islamic lessons are looming. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals seems to be stalling on the Eklund case. Judge Phyllis Hamilton ruled it is appropriate for our children to "become Muslim", recite worship to Allah by heart, fast for Ramadan and take Muslim names. I suspect the 9th Circuit is stalling long enough for the students to graduate and invalidate the case. http://www.blessedcause.org/PressRelease/impeach%20phyllis%20hamilton.htm
America flaunts so much in God's face. We are the number one distributor of pornography. Would we sacrifice our first-born children to a sex god as the Old Testament pagan religions did? Think not? I remember being in high school and the general consensus was if we got pregnant, just have an abortion, our state will even pay for it. And millions are aborted yearly.
This is a warning to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. If we turn our backs on God, He will turn His back on us. God will never forsake His saints (believers), for He ultimately has an awesome eternal plan for us individually. But as a nation, we HAVE turned our backs on Him, and He WILL lift His protective hand from this nation. Because of the 9th Circuit, our elected officials, judges and apathy, we will reap the whirlwind.


  1. Robert Lomax9:48 AM


  2. trubluolyguy9:48 AM

    Look folks, one last time. It is not Separation of church and state, it is Separation of Christianity and State.

    I would like to note my tongue is sadly planted in my right cheek.

  3. Danny TN9:49 AM

    "We shall have no other gods before Him. In all of history, God has never once negotiated that commandment."

  4. Danny TN9:50 AM

    Is there any way that we can get or force the publisher to release what schools and what systems have bought that book?

    If so we could start a community awareness program and run the book out of the US.

  5. DoughtyOne9:52 AM

    Thank you.

    US socialist liberalism would be dead without the help of politicians who claim to be conservative.

  6. KC_Conspirator9:53 AM

    This court should be disbanded. They have gone through yeras where every single case taken on by the Supreme court has been overturned (27+ cases).

  7. NaughtiusMaximus9:54 AM

    To speak a little off the subject, I always think of Democrats as "The Party in Favor of Repealing the 10th Commandment."

  8. California Patriot9:55 AM

    The author of this piece is on the right track, except for one little thing. We can't wait for God to unleash the whirlwind on this Court. We need to do it ourselves.

  9. Digger9:56 AM

    The author of this piece is on the right track, except for one little thing. We can't wait for God to unleash the whirlwind on this Court. We need to do something ourselves.
    Thank You. A most correct decision.

  10. California Patriot9:59 AM

    I'm not asking anyone to do anything serious. I'm asking people to engage in normal political activity up to at least the legal limit. This includes truth-telling even of the most painful kind.

  11. dzzzrtrock10:01 AM

    Strange, but reading that made me physically ILL! What in GOD'S NAME is going on in our courts? How did these people acquire so MUCH power? I am certificated as a paralegal and well-studied on constitutional law and this level or power just doesn't exist in the the courts envisioned by the Constitution. They were to follow and apply "The Peoples'" laws, not write, change and re-interpret to suit their own prejudices. "Activist judge" is oxymoronic

  12. Recall10:02 AM

    If I stayed faithful to what God said, "Take heed that you inquire not of other nations and how they serve their gods," and replied that I would want NO religion in textbooks, then the Bible would be gagged as well.


    What scripture is she referring to?

  13. Primetimedonna10:03 AM

    To trubluolyguy

    "Look folks, one last time. It is not Separation of church and state, it is Separation of Christianity and State.

    I would like to note my tongue is sadly planted in my right cheek"

    Not to mention it's Freedon OF Religion, not Freedom FROM Religion!!

  14. Crystal Light10:06 AM

    “Take heed that you are not snared and that you inquire not after their gods, saying, ‘How did these nations serve their gods?…for every abomination to the Lord which He hates they have done to their gods” (Deut. 12:30)

    “Thus says the Lord: ‘Do not learn the way of the heathens”
    (Jeremiah 10:2)

    “You shall not walk in the manner of the nations which I cast out before you, for they committed all of these things and therefore I abhor them” (Lev 20:23)

  15. William Terrell10:09 AM

    Cursing calls for a rather radical form of judgment that our limited perceptions aren't competent to make, being mindful of Matt 7:1,2.

    Individuals can exist without government but government can't exist without individuals

  16. lifelongsoldier10:10 AM

    What happened to the Sixth Amendment and a speedy and public trial? Are the judges on the Ninth Circus unaware of the requirements made by the writers and signers of the US Constitution?

  17. lifelongsoldier10:12 AM

    Isn't it time for the believers, in Christianity, in the Bill of Rights, is government of the people by the people and for the people, to stand up and remind the hired hands that they work for the people, and that the people are not happy with the quality of their work? Judges can be impeached, and will be if the legislators are made to fear loss of their positions. Even the head of the Judicial Branch can be impeached. It's a little harder to try him, but it is possible.

  18. To: lifelongsoldier
    Yes it is time. So what about getting a thread going to see how many people can come together in All States and start one at a time and start changing them back or keep them from changing.

  19. lifelongsoldier10:18 AM

    To: AIC
    Hey, I'm the new guy who doesn't understand half of the shorthand used here, and can't figure out where to find the glossary. What do I know about starting anything? But I'm willing to write letters to the hired hands in Washington, but only if you folks will keep reminding them that they ARE the hired hands. I am on record with the establishment as saying that it is time for another tea party.

  20. Primetimedonna10:55 AM

    To: dzzrtrock
    Add to you list: "Its God BLESS America, not GOD-LESS America" (and) "its "liberty and Justice for all", not "libertine injustice" for all"

    Great additions! (unfortunately) Thanks


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