Losing weight enfolded in God's love, page 2

I don't know about anyone else but the only success I have had is when I wait until I'm hungry, I learned it with the Weigh Down Workshop, and with that you can eat ANYTHING YOU WANT as long as you're hungry. It's awesome, you never feel deprived, you just have to wait, it teaches patience. You also learn to listen to your body signal what it's craving because I believe God gave us bodies to help us know what it needs. So I started out a LITTLE hungry but...I pray to do better tomorrow. Other than that it was pretty good. Anyone else? I know you have different strategies.

Check this out, cause the SECOND I tell myself I can't have something, I WANT IT. With this you can have it and it makes sense, nobody wants chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not even me... You can read the first pages and get the idea. But I'm not pressuring anyone in the group to try it, I just think I'd be 300 lbs if I tried to diet these past years

That's a lot easier to take than, NO! followed by self-condemnation because I need to lose weight. That's just so negative to me and toxic thoughts are a huge reason why I reach for indulgence in the first place. It doesn't even have to be toward me, I have noticed anger at others triggers a need, I think it might even be a need to self destruct.

I'm in a situation now in a car pool and they were just obsessed with talking about one woman's new bf and their sex life. Well...her new bf is married and I am having such a hard time with this. Someone else in the group is proud that she "got some" with a married man in her apartment complex. And I just sit there and try to be loving when inside I am seething. My ex was a chronic cheater and I have such issues with women that would lure away a husband. I was in such a sour mood all day after that and I think that has a lot to do with my overindulgence last night.

God is helping me with it though. I found it in Hosea. We all have different lessons to learn and it helps me to know that the Holy Spirit is in control of everyone's lives. She might need to learn not to , well... and I need to learn not to react the way I do, but right now it's the perfect op to learn to recognize how I get worked with this and then self destruct because of negative emotions about someone else.

I really think that happens with me. It's like something inside of me can't differentiate between anger at others or anger at myself, to me, deep in my soul, it's just anger. And part of my self-destructiveness is my effort to destroy that anger. Self-sabotage. It's an ugly beast.

A friend told me she would have said something to these women. The first time they talked like this, I didn't bite my tongue so well and all it did was alienate (which I tend to be fine with but the Lord calls me back) The truth is, this is the world of which we are not a part of. I had to remind myself about my own past, how I got dragged to a Bible study by some awesome women years ago. They all knew I was uh...doing the same kind of thing except he wasn't married. They just loved me and somehow it fell on me to read about how God feels about fornicators...But by then I was hooked on God and had to choose between God and my boyfriend. The boyfriend lost. If those women had behaved toward me the way I feel like behaving toward this cheating woman, well, I would have lost so much. I'm so grateful to them and I need to try to walk in that same light. God is working with her, I just need to pray for her. And NOT laugh and agree and encourage what she does...people can sense that you disapprove just by your looking away and saying nothing. Sometimes that speaks louder than anything.

God calls us to love everyone and I'm really learning in huge ways that when I think negatively about anyone, somehow it turns on me, deep inside, and that leads to unhealthy food for me. It's like I want to bury those negative thoughts with food. Some use drugs, but we want to bury it with something. Learning to combat those negative feelings is truly the battle that belongs to the Lord. Only with His help have I found ways to love people, SINCERELY love people, that I find hard to love. And in doing that, somehow that opens a door to love myself, and when you love and appreciate yourself, self-destruction no longer makes sense. It never really did.


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