The process has begun in twenty states to gain 25,000 signatures peacefully requesting secession. President Obama must acknowledge and respond once 25,000 signatures are gained. As of this date, Texas has achieved it and 19 other states are following.

“Believe me, dear Sir: there is not in the British empire a man who more cordially loves a union with Great Britain than I do. But, by the God that made me, I will cease to exist before I yield to a connection on such terms as the British Parliament propose; and in this, I think I speak the sentiments of America.”
—Thomas Jefferson, November 29, 1775

Obama’s administration along with Congress have forced Obamacare upon us while voting a different plan for Congress. This is not representation, it is tyranny! We are not serfs, we are the people! When Congress cannot be trusted to do what is best for the people, when cronyism rules the day, when our representatives see themselves as royalty above us, it is time to secede, peacefully if possible.

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  1. Anonymous7:55 AM

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    1. rushnrocket13 wrote: Oh honey. It's adorable. Go stamp your widdle feetsies because your (deleted) brethren got slaughtered in the election. WE THE PEOPLE told you and your ilk to, in the parlance of our times, go (bleep) yourselves. Get over it.,

      TO: rushnrocket13, why the hate and foul language? You should be happy, I live in California, if a state truly did secede there will be more prime land for you to enjoy. Somehow I doubt you would miss me. :)

    2. Anonymous9:08 PM

      Of course I would not miss you. But, ummm, baby, honey, darling... YOU can go secede in the ocean. The rest of the state will stay. No one gives a damn about you.

    3. Again, why the hostility? Tell me, rushnrocket, how do you feel about gun control? How do you feel about an effort of our government to take away your freedom of speech by blaming a video for the brutal violence in Benghazi when everyone now knows it was never about a video at all?

  2. Anonymous7:26 AM

    You are hostile to this country and to our people. Why shouldn't I be hostile to you?

    Gun control? Why do you care what I think? Why does it matter? Name a SINGLE gun law the Obama administration has pushed. I dare you. I dare you, if you have a single shred of dignity to do that. Or are you just lying for Jesus?

    Benghazi and free speech? Name a SINGLE instance of someone abridging your freedom of speech because of the Benghazi attack. I dare you. Or are you still lying for Jesus?

  3. Rushnrock I object to our rights being threatened, and if you couldn't see the setup coming by blaming a video for people being murdered, well the video was a lie. Why would anyone cover up a terrorist attack and claim it was a video, and then in a speech to the United Nations, say “It is the obligation of all leaders, in all countries, to speak out forcefully against violence and extremism. It is time to marginalize those who -- even when not directly resorting to violence -- use hatred as a central organizing principle of politics...” Later he said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Yet to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ that are desecrated...”

    Hillary showed us how to double switch with her hypocritical way of demanding funding for mockeries of Jesus while calling anything against Mohammad as deviant and cynical evil. We see this duplicity in our public schools. Bill Clinton started it with his religious doctrine drafted with a Muslim terrorist, to promote Islam while denying Christianity. Talk about attack on freedom of speech, we are disallowed of professing Christ more and more. You might be happy with that but should be concerned as your freedoms are chipped away as well.

    Obama wants one world government and he wants to shape the laws of that government. It's in his words and how he is telling all the united nations what must and mustn't happen as if he has authority. America is just his stepping stone. It is far easier for him to draft laws with the UN and then with that backing forcefully impose it on our nation than it is for him to impose his laws on us directly.

    But my argument is not with Obama alone, it is with BOTH the Democrat and Republican parties, it is with Obama's administration, the State Dept and the US Supreme Court. It is why, though there is little chance, Christians need to come out of the hell that has been created against our will. We did not want the blood of millions of babies on our hands, we did not want gay parades thumbing noses at the face of God on Mission steps as they gyrate, we did not want our children to be told they came from apes or primordial goo with no proof whatsoever, we did not want our children bowing and praying to other gods because it is good for them to experience "multiculturalism." A minority of us want that, but not America as a whole. We did not want to become a corrupt, baby butchering, deviant mockery of freedom, but it has been made so.

    First thing Wednesday morning the United Nations, with U.S. encouragement, decided to reopen discussions on an international arms trade treaty. The treaty talks were derailed in July when the U.S. and several other countries requested more time to work on it.

    Many believed that move was politically motivated, with Obama not wanting a high-profile vote in favor of gun restrictions on his record just before the election. New treaty talks are scheduled for late March.

    While the treaty was originally supposed to deal only with establishing export and reporting standards for military arms – basically modeled after current U.S. laws – talks quickly shifted focus from military weapons to include common civilian arms and ammunition. If ratified, the treaty could require the U.S. to implement a variety of domestic firearms restrictions and record-keeping requirements. During the Bush administration, attempts to develop the treaty were stymied by Ambassador John Bolton, BUT SHORTLY AFTER TAKING OFFICE, OBAMA, THROUGH SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON, ANNOUNCED THAT THE US SUPPORTED "TREATY" TALKS GOING FORWARD.

    Then you have his own words

    Seriously, though, why does it anger you so much that not everybody is buying into this one world government totalitarian-because-its-good-for-you vision?

  4. Anonymous10:24 PM

    So, to translate:
    a) No, you cannot think of a single instance of your freedom of speech being abrogated due to the Benghazi attacks
    b) No, you cannot think of a single new gun law.

    Thank you for playing.

    All the rest of your typing is paranoid speculation based on random shit. It may be meaningful to you, but fact remains it's ALL speculation.

  5. a) You asked what gun law was pushed, I showed you.

    b) You asked for a single instance of someone abridging freedom of speech and I showed you Obama clearly laying the ground work.

    c) You used the most inflammatory language to ask if I was lying and I showed you I'm not

    d) You seem to be trying really hard to upset me and it's not working

    My question remains, why?

  6. Anonymous7:07 AM

    a) The example you provided is for an international arms trade treaty, not a domestic law. Are you suggesting that making international treaties is a power grab by the federal government? Have you read the Constitution?

    b) You showed nothing of the sort. Fact remains, no one's freedom has been abridged. Again, the question was simple. You avoided it because you know the answer.

    c) You are. In true politician style you answered questions I didn't ask in order to deflect attention from the fact that these questions expose you.

    d) I'm not trying hard to upset you. I'm trying to goad you into straight answers. To your credit, you have managed to avoid straight answers, albeit quite clumsily.

    To recap: no new gun laws, no impingement on the freedom of speech. Now please get off the interwebz and go back to holding a funnel up to your ear in order to detect those black helicopters.

  7. LOLOLOL I didn't avoid anything, you started this with profanity etc., and all I have asked is why the hostility. If anyone is side stepping...well

    Why would you feel the need to be profane because people want to secede?

  8. Anonymous3:27 PM

    And, unlike you, I ANSWERED your question about "why the hostility". Want me to copy-paste, verbatim, my answer?

    Profanity? Honey, that's how normal people talk. They don't always use "golly gee willikers, well dadgum it, gosh love it!" Adults swear sometimes. As to why it's related to people who want to secede? I dunno, treason, even the adorably jr. varsity, stay-at-home-mom, talking-tough-on-the-internets kind is annoying. So I used profanity. Answered THAT question?

  9. The best I can find is an accusation that I'm being hostile so why shouldn't you be hostile. Seceding peacefully is not an act of treason or hostility. But whatever, rushnrocket, all we seem to be doing is bickering and that's not what Christ is all about. Now that I think about it, it's Biblical. Jesus said something about if they reject you, shake out your sandals and leave. That's all many of us want to do, leave. Many in this nation are completely offended by God, so those who love God understandably would like to go where they are not offending anyone. You suggest that I leave into the ocean, but if it's okay with you, I'd like to live. So thanks for your concern. Take care. I hope you find everything you are looking for.

  10. Anonymous11:16 PM

    "Seceding peacefully is not an act of treason or hostility."
    Seeking to destroy the country known as The United States of America certainly is an act of treason. You can argue whether that treason is justified, but it's treason all the same.

    "That's all many of us want to do, leave."
    No one is stopping you. You just don't get to keep part of the country as you leave. When you leave a restaurant, you don't get to keep the table and 2 of the chairs. Same here. Your leaving will be mourned by precious few.

    "Many in this nation are completely offended by God, so those who love God understandably would like to go where they are not offending anyone."
    Sure. I hear Azerbaidjan is lovely this time of year. Oh, and Jen, no one is stopping you from loving your god. If your faith is so pathetically weak that it can only survive through mob reinforcement, then, frankly, you ain't cut out for the whole "heaven" thing.

  11. No one is looking to destroy the country, rather preserve what precious little is left of it. America was founded by men who left religious tyranny and over taxation, that's documented; and now Americans are in the same oppressive government. We started with NO taxes, and voted them in at 1%, they were never to go over that percentage. Look at us now and the royalty that rule us, refuse to stop spending no matter how much they take.

    Men came here and staked out this land, fought and died for it, that their children could be free. We are those children, but as generations passed by, our children became so spoiled, lethargic and arrogant that they believed everything was owed to them. Foolishly, we are electing scam artists and throwing away our hard fought freedom for stupid free cell phones while watching American idol or similar rot. We listen to the media that tells us our only other choice is more of the same. Our Constitution has been desecrated beyond recognition and Americans are getting angry. We have no desire for violence, we just want to leave and take a fraction of what is ours, with us, to refresh our rights and freedom through the Constitution.

    And sir, my "weak faith" is not the issue here, but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will most definitely be heard from. If you are standing with the baby butchering, thumb nosing, gyrating mob, you might not be standing on the right side of His roar. It will not be pretty.

    1. Anonymous9:08 AM

      " America was founded by men who left religious tyranny and over taxation, that's documented; and now Americans are in the same oppressive government."

      LAWL. Really? So you're persecuted for being Christian? Do tell! Drive us to tears with your stories of woe how certain department stores say "holidays" instead of "Christmas". Horrify us with the legends of gay couples practically raping your children's innocence by existing. And taxation? Honey, you have a slight problem. Just because elections don't always go YOUR way doesn't mean you don't have a say. It just means that the MAJORITY has spoken. You have been heard. And out-voted. Deal with it. All of us have to, at some point.

      "We started with NO taxes, and voted them in at 1%, they were never to go over that percentage."
      Yes, we also started with NO professional army, and now we have it. We started with NO highways, now we have them. Etc. What's your point? Is there a specific day in history beyond which all progress must cease?

      "Look at us now and the royalty that rule us, refuse to stop spending no matter how much they take."
      Oh yes, if being born a mulatto on an island to a single mother isn't the height of royal birth, I don't know what is.

      "We are those children, but as generations passed by, our children became so spoiled, lethargic and arrogant that they believed everything was owed to them."
      Then you failed as a parent. Also, seems a touch arrogant to suggest that YOUR generation is good, but your children's sucks. Besides, that is human nature -- wealth makes one spoiled. Don't know where you plan to move to avoid that one, Jen.

      "We have no desire for violence, we just want to leave and take a fraction of what is ours, with us, to refresh our rights and freedom through the Constitution."
      You can take ALL that is yours. The land isn't. But feel free to sell your house, if you have one, bundle it all up, and find some mythical country where Christian graze free and happy on pastures of hard work and overwhelming shame. Send me a post card when you get there.

      "If you are standing with the baby butchering, thumb nosing, gyrating mob, you might not be standing on the right side of His roar. It will not be pretty."
      I'm willing to take that chance. Your threats don't worry me at all. Faith is not a virtue in my book.

  12. We disagree obviously, on many things. But the founders that paid for this land with their lives, they believed in the Constitution. I don't think anyone would even try to argue that the original intent of the Constitution is intact. So you see, it IS our land, by right. The Constitution is the birth certificate and the land belongs to that foundation. Right now it is being overrun by squatters that want to make it Europe. Anyone defying the Constitution needs to go to one of those nations. THIS land was forged Constitution in hand and those who secede are claiming it.

    If anyone should leave completely, it is those who want to live in Europe. So go.

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM

      Yes yes, you lost an election, now you want to take your toys and stomp home. Sorry. You can stomp all you want, you don't get to keep a part of the country.

      And "by right" this land belongs to Native Americans, so let's not start down that road. The Constitution provides for a free election and representation in Congress. We had a free election. Time to deal with the fact that just because YOU didn't get your way doesn't mean this country no longer obeys the Constitution. There is no "Jen Shroder is always right" Amendment. You had your chance. You failed. The majority of America was too smart to listen to the likes of you. Liberals didn't secede when Bush or Reagan or Nixon were elected. You don't get to now.

      But of course this "secession movement" is merely a bunch of internet-brave conservatives stomping around in their PJs. Your sedition would be annoying were it not so adorable.

    2. Why must I sift through insults to find your good points?

      You brought up native American Indians. If our textbooks would give us the FACTS and not so much propaganda, it would be easier to discuss, but it is obvious it was once "theirs" and now it's not. So has it been all through history. If you could, which Indians would you give it back to, since land has been conquered among the Indians as well over the ages? Man has conquered land and boundaries set all over the world ever since Adam and Eve and Cain slew Able. The only land that is actually "owned" is Israel to much more than they have now because God gave it to them for all time. See

      So back to THIS conversation, which is not about kicking anyone off of their property at all. It's about the laws that rule the land. These conversations with you have caused me to realize a few things,and for that I thank you. Praying about it now.

  13. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Jen, I'm glad I made you realize a few things. I would really like it if you responded to any of my points directly. For instance, why is it that YOU get to secede when an election doesn't go your way, but the rest of us wound up dealing with it when elections didn't go our way? You think I liked what happened in 2000 or 2004?

  14. Lol first of all, we haven't come anywhere near secession. Unless God brings a seriously wise leader and blesses his effort, there is no chance. Second, I think it would be just because the people that I know seriously wanting to secede, want to secede because we have strayed SO FAR from the Constitution that it's not recognizable and many on the left are laughing at the very thought of sticking to it.

    Secession isn't really the right word, we want to return. Reignite. Rebirth. Rededicate. Of course there have been a couple of good changes, the obvious one being slavery, but then our forefathers built that into the Constitution, it was controversial and a compromise just to get us united.

    But do you really not see where we are headed, rush? And I think the left just overtly but the right subversively, are leading us to a one world government and surely you know where that will end? Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I don't think any of us want to live in that world.

  15. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Jen, you're really going to have to learn the difference between "cooperation between nations" and "one world government". Whether or not a single governing body over all humanity is preferable is subject to debate, one which I do not want to have right now mostly because I have very little opinion on a hypothetical so infinitely far-fetched. But what, exactly, do you see leading us to this mythical "one world government"? The fact that the U.S. government sometimes signs treaties with other nations rather than jumping straight to bombing them? The fact that once in a while our government pauses to ask whether our selfish policies hurt other human beings whose passports come in a different language? Name the specifics of this nefarious "OWG".

  16. Anything that usurps American sovereignty is a bad thing, rush. I think you need to learn that absolute power corrupts absolutely. We're struggling with it now in our own country, escalate that to NWO and it will be horrific.

  17. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Examples, Jen, not general platitudes. Yes, "bad things are bad". I know. What is usurping "American sovereignty", and how? I want specifics. And I mean actual things, not conspiracy theories about what might possibly happen at some point in the future if only some obscure article written by some dude no one outside his immediate family has ever heard of actually unearthed the greatest deception in human history.
    I am aware of what happens to absolute power, and I don't like giving absolute power to anyone. However, no one in this country has that. Some people have more than others, but that is how societies function. Unless you want utter chaos and a post-apocalyptic "every man for himself" state of constant violence, we organize societies where we pay for stability and security with some freedom. How much of one we desire, and how much of the other we are willing to give up, depends on the consent of those in the society. But NWO is a pipe dream.

  18. Lol rush, there's no point in arguing with you and that's all this is. I've given you hard facts, all you do is ignore them. Ambassador Stevens saw the signs, asked for help, asked for action, he didn't get any either. You can stay on that path or you can peacefully ask to be excused. Or are you going to stand out in front and demand to see the swords of Islam. I wish you well in that.

  19. Anonymous9:51 AM

    What does Stevens have to do with... well, anything?? Again, Jen, it's cute how you pull entirely random and disparate events and tie them together with strings made out of vague innuendo. Stevens' death has nothing to do with NWO, UN, secession or anything else we have been discussing. Sorry, in real like you need more than a wink and a nudge to elevate a wild-ass conspiracy theory into the realm where adults discuss it.

    Look, if you want good fairy tales, read Harry Potter or Brothers Grimm. If you want to discuss reality, then stick to facts and logic. If you want to combine the two, go talk to children. You have failed to address ANY of the questions I raised, merely pulled more wild-ass speculation out of your nether regions. If you have something better, let me know.

  20. and its sad how you continually look to insult. What happened to Stevens is a great analogy. You can wait until people start disappearing, detained or worse with Obama's powergrabs, or you can see all the signs in front of our faces. If you choose to close your eyes and demand to feel the blades, go ahead.

  21. Stevens didn't have his eyes closed, he asked for help for months. He saw what was coming but was left dangling. It won't matter if you see it coming or not, closing your eyes isn't going to stop what's coming.

  22. Anonymous7:47 PM

    LOL. You are digging your own grave deeper.
    a) Stevens disappeared on Obama's order? So... according to you Obama has personal control over Libyan rebels / terrorists?
    b) According to you Stevens got in Obama's way? How? Why? Based on what info?
    c) A lot of people ask for help. Are you suggesting that the entire national security outfit is in on this evil Obama plot?
    d) Again... what does Benghazi have to do with anything else?

    Your innuendo is cute, but, ummmm, insane. I'm sorry if that sounds insulting, I'm merely stating facts.

  23. Happy Thanksgiving Rush, hope your day with your family is truly blessed.

  24. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Happy T-day to you too! And yes, my family is really blessed. Hope yours is as well.

  25. Anonymous11:07 PM

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