A SPECIAL MESSAGE after the election:

I know it's not what anyone wants to hear right now, but Romney was not who everyone thought he was. In his own state where they watched him as governor, he got 37% to Obama's 60%. It just defies reasoning that anyone would vote for Obama over anyone. But Romney was never the savior everyone hoped he was.

At least what abominations Obama does is not done in the name of Christ.

I would have rather not seen this in my lifetime, but it is here, and I believe Jesus told us about it that we would not be troubled.

I never thought Romney was a great man, I thought he would do exactly what Obama will do but in the name of Christ instead of in the name of Obama, and that would have been a worse abomination than what the majority of our nation apparently has chosen. But there will come a man who will claim he comes in the name of Christ, and he will go even further than Obama with a one world government, and then the horror of what has begun today will take root.
The godless have no idea what they have begun. But at least a one world government is not yet.

God will not forsake those who love Him. Rest in that. He always knew these days would come.

And then after you have rested, check out Virgil Goode. How did we miss him? He was the George Washington we were looking for! (Hear clip).

I don’t think America would have accepted George Washington today however. The media and Jon Stewart would have mocked his accent, voice, everything about him. He IS different than most but oh, give him five minutes and he grows on you real quick! Study his platform and realize what we had! Join the Constitution Party!

But we missed Virgil Goode and I am just so grateful that Jesus warned us of these days, it will get very very cold. But BE NOT TROUBLED, for God already has the victory! Thank You, Lord Jesus!


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